I passionately believe that art must create love & goodwill and awaken a sense of beauty in every person. I invite you to experience this through my paintings.
I studied at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute, named after V.I. Surikov of the Russian Academy of Arts.

I am a member of the Creative Alliance of "New Itinerants (Peredvizhniki)", and an on-going participant of exhibitions organised by the Moscow Association of Painters (Artists).

I live in Moscow, Russia.

On this site you can look through and purchase my work done in either oil, or dry pastels, in various styles throughout my career.

The variety of subjects painted, colours and individuality of every painting would enhance and bring joy to any interior.
Olga Borisovna Tuchina
Honoured Artist of Russia
Irina is a "natural-born" artist, and being a fine colourist, she is able to see complex nuances, perspectives and shades which she uses in all her work. Trained in classical painting techniques and approaches, she has found and defined her own professional language.

In addition, Irina's light-filled work evokes in her audience a special sense of sympathy, compassion and love. I am convinced in her further development and achievement of artistic excellence.
High quality canvases and subframes
I buy only high-quality canvases for my work from reliable sources. This drastically lowers the possibility of my canvases over-stretching on the subframes over long periods of time.
Premium-class painting supplies
Using only high-quality oils and dry pastels provides the necessary colours and gives the right intensity to my work. It also ensures that my paintings will not fade for many years to come.
Frames made of only natural materials
One should never underestimate the contribution of frame to a painting. An insensitive choice of frame can spoil even the true experience of a masterpiece.
All deliveries are discussed individually in order to find the most convenient method for every client.